Mary F. Baca, CWK, CCTP, RMT, LPCC is a Licensed Counselor in the state of New Mexico and Somatic Psychotherapist incorporating mind-body work in her therapeutic services. She received her undergraduate degree with a dual degree in Psychology and Criminology. She went on to graduate with her Master’s Degree in Counseling in 1989.

Mary has maintained a thriving group counseling practice, “Odyssey Counseling”, for 30+ years, a holistic practice, “Resilience Integrative Services” since 2011, a business specializing in wellness and mental health services for First Responders and their families “Allies For First Responders” since 2017, and a professional training business “Shifting Perspectives Training Institute” since 2017. Mary employs numerous counselors, social workers, trainers, and holistic practitioners. She has created a holistic and traditional employee assistance program. Included in Mary’s repertoire of specialty areas are PTSD, acute stress, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse/assault, and grief.

Mary’s career as a holistic Practitioner began 20+ years ago when she became certified in EMDR, a powerful modality she’s used as a trauma specialist. In addition she utilizes CBT, guided visualization, EFT, Wholistic Kinesiology, Reiki, Quantum Alignment, TrauSoma, Intuitive Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, CISM, CISD and more. She uses these modalities daily to assist individuals healing not only emotionally but physically.

Mary is a Reiki Master Teacher who trains and attunes others. She also trains and certifies people in modalities she has created herself specifically Quantum Alignment and TrauSoma. Her office space houses a yoga studio, a few training rooms, counseling offices, and several holistic health treatment rooms. In 2021 Mary started a weekly podcast show “Remotely Unique” which she does in an onsite studio at her office building.

Mary has been working with first responders for over 25 years was married to a police officer for 14 years and has had friends and family in law enforcement and fire service. Mary’s Dad whom she was very close to had a career as a Military Police Officer. Because of this history Mary quickly became passionate about helping this population. Mary is a professional trainer educating the public and workplace environments on a myriad of topics. Included BUT not limited to these topics are raising awareness about the emotional occupational hazards involved in the fields of Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Dispatch/911 Operators, Corrections, OMI, Child/Adult Protection, and Medical Professions which is a list that is not all-inclusive. She is passionate about working on suicide prevention in the first responder populations and
sees this as mission critical. She started and currently facilitates a First Responder Spouse/Partner Program called “Lightning Behind The Thunder” and has a Spouse Peer Support Team. Mary also trains these populations in holistic techniques to improve their wellness and mental health.

As a Licensed Continuing Education provider locally and nationally, Mary has created numerous trainings for professionals that want to work with first responders and their families and conducts these trainings all over the state, nationally, and online. Mary has a first responder training team she feels is a powerful collaboration in delivering these trainings and services. She has also done Critical Incident Stress Management and Debriefings for over 20 years. She started a non-profit organization called “Behind The Badge NM” in 2016 and is starting another non-profit in 2021 “Southwest Heroes Without Capes” which has annual fundraisers, and assists first responders, nurses, child/adult protection workers with paying for counseling and ancillary services like therapeutic massage and meditation.


Mary F. Baca

Founder and
Executive Director

Shifting Perspectives, LLC