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About Shifting Perspectives 

Specialized Training Institute

The goal of Shifting Perspectives is to provide specialized and unique trainings to the public, counselors and social workers, members of the community and other professionals.  We take pride in our trainings as being different from any others. For example since 2016 we have offered Therapists who treat First Responders and MUST understand how to interact, identify and provide the care these groups of public service professionals. In collaboration with our First Responder Training Team, these trainings are powerful and riveting often hailed as "Life Changing" for the individuals attending. We have a Training Program "RISE~N~FLOW" which teaches HOLISTIC modalities to First Responders.

We offer specialized holistic trainings to Counselors and Social Workers, providing certifications as "Holistic Counselor" "Holistic Trauma Professionals" paving the way for integrating holistic modalities into otherwise regular psychotherapy.

Specialized Services and Programs

Allies For First Responders

Allies For First Responders Specialized Services and Programs are managed in collaboration with Odyssey Counseling. The program focuses on developing and administering training for mental health professionals, counselors, social workers, holistic practitioners, chaplains, peer support volunteers, dispatchers, medical personnel and paraprofessional counselors. In addition, services are provided by professionals and a peer support team trained to work with and who understand these cultures.

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Resilience Integrative Services

Resilience Integrative Services (RIS) provides quality holistic health care through customized services, designed to provide you with a variety of options to meet your individual needs. We work with our patients collaboratively to design a plan to help you reach your ultimate potential, achieving a balanced state mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Each of our qualified, experienced professionals have been practicing in their fields for years. They are passionate about helping people using compassion, unconditional acceptance, and an assortment of tools for a wide variety of health conditions and concerns.

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Contact Us
"We Are Here For You"

If you're having problems registering or want more information about current and/or upcoming courses, email us at​:

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and speak to our Training Director

Mary F. Baca, CWK, CCTP, LPCC

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