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August 2022

Reiki 1: Exploring the Therapeutic Use of Reiki

Learn about the history of Reiki and how it started with Dr. Usui. In Person.

Shame Abandonment, & Control

Learn how why these three are the core issues for our clients.

The Impact of Relationship Trauma

It is obvious that when our clients are involved in an abusive relationship that it has a significant impact

The Power of Words in the Therapeutic Process

Words both spoken and unspoken have an effect on our daily interactions.

Dealing Effectively with Anxiety and Depression

Discuss and explore these two mental health conditions that are most common in our clients.

The Interplay of Shame, Abandonment, and Control

Continuing Education Credits (3)

September 2022

Assessing and Treating Trauma


Learn the various types of trauma and techniques on how to address the symptoms impacting our clients.

Shame the Underlayer of Self-Destruction

Explore casual factors of shame and techniques on how to address this condition.

Reiki 2: Merging Behavioral Health & Reiki in Practice

Discuss and explore other complimentary modalities that  can be integrated into a Reiki session. In Person.

Doing Therapy with First Responders

Explore why First Responders have their own culture.

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