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Shifting Perspectives Courses, Training and Workshops


The following is a list of courses presented by Shifting Perspectives.

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First Responder Intervention Specialist Level I

This is a 3 day - 3 Module course. Modules may be taken individually.

Module 1

  • Female First Responders – Shedding The Light on This Sub-culture

      (1 CE Hrs.)

  • Doing Therapy With First Responders (1 CE Hrs.

Module 2

  • Addressing PTSD, Acute Stress & The Grey In Between” (2.0 CE)

  • Why First Responders Hesitate to Seek Help (3 CE Hrs.)

  • Practicing Self-Care For The Helping Professional” (1.0 CEU)

Module 3

  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention With First Responders (3 CE Hrs.)

  • Trauma Ridden & Trauma Resistant (3 CE Hrs.)


Holistic Counselor

  • The Power of the Words (3 Hrs)

  • Energy Psychology (3 Hrs)

  • Moving Past Psychological Reversals To Accentuate Healing (2 Hrs)

  • Using Intuition in Therapy (3 Hrs)

  • Improve Your Emotions by Changing Your Vibrations (3 Hrs)


Energy Psychology Classes


Magnet Meditation

Our body is an electrical system. When this electrical system is thrown off by fatigue, disease, stress, etc. it affects our WHOLE system. Stress especially wreaks havoc on our body resulting with a mental, physical, and emotional disruption of our energetic flow even potentially leading to a break down in our vital organ systems. Meditation is a great way to balance the body and give it a much needed reset. 

Other Continuing Education Classes

  • Practicing Self-Care For The Helping Professional (3 Hours)

  • Relationship Trauma (3 hrs.)

  • Addiction and its Impact on Relationships and Work (3 Hrs.)

  • Through Retirement (3 Hrs.)

  • Dealing Effectively With Anxiety and Depression (3 Hrs.)

  • Effective Communication For The Helping Professional (2 Hrs.)

  • Facilitating Discharge From Counseling (2 Hrs.)

  • Therapeutic Resistance (2 Hrs.)

  • Assessing and Treating Trauma (2 Hrs.)

Workplace Trainings

  • Stress Management in the Work Place (3 Hrs.)

  • Strategic Goal Setting (3 Hrs.)

  • Cultural Diversity and Values (2 Hrs.)

  • Effective Time Management (1.5 Hrs.)

  • Conflict Ready, Conflict Competent (3 Hrs.)

  • Creating Wellness In The Workplace (3 Hrs.)

  • Promoting Resilience In The Workplace (3 Hrs.)

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Shifting Perspectives Courses, Trainings and Workshops

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