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The Impact of Relationship Trauma

The Impact of Relationship Trauma


CE: 3.0 Hours


Course Description:

  • It is obvious that when our clients are involved in an abusive relationship that it has a significant impact. However, even relationships that are stressful can also have an impact up to and including trauma.
  • Romantic relationships are not the only kind of relationship where trauma can exist. Listen as Mary Baca talks about different kinds of relationships where dynamics can present a spectrum from difficulty interacting all the way to mental, physical, and emotional abuse.
  • Learn more about the precipitating factors involved in this process and the continuum of relationship difficulties that impact our clients.
  • Identify little traumas vs. big traumas and how they impact a person's mental health.
  • Learn about various mental health conditions that can be a result of relationship trauma.


(You will receive an email to download The Impact of Relationship Trauma training video after checking out. The download also includes a Quiz and Training Evaluation.) IF you are wanting CE Hours, please email your completed Training Evaluation & Quiz. We will review the quiz. Once it is determined you have gotten 80% of the answers correct, you will receive your CE Certificate within 1-2 business days. 


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The Impact of Relationship Trauma

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