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Dr. Taylor Blackford Anderson is a chiropractor in Albuquerque with passions for helping people get out of pain and get back to their lives! She specializes in taking pressure off the nervous system so the brain and body can interact freely without any interference. She has special certifications in helping pregnant women, infants and children. However, Taylor’s favorite patients are families that come in together and get their nervous systems checked! Dr. Taylor Anderson had her first chiropractic adjustment at 22 years old and it impacted her life so much that she signed up for school the same day! Dr. Taylor Anderson is originally from Iowa and moved to Albuquerque to be with her husband and their two doggos after finishing her chiropractic degree in Kansas City where she met her husband, Dr. Travis. She has goals of helping the families of the communities in Albuquerque and making health a priority again! In 2021 Dr. Taylor Anderson, her husband Dr. Travis Anderson, and Mary Baca, Owner of Resilience Integrative Services and Shifting Perspectives Training Institute met, and well the rest is history. These individuals met and felt an immediate powerful connection aligned by their passion to help people reach an optimal level of health mentally, physically, and emotionally. They are already collaborating on ventures that will bring programs and services to the Albuquerque and even national communities in 2022!

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Dr. Taylor Anderson

Shifting Perspectives, LLC

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