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Andie Taylor, LMHC is a Somatic Psychotherapist who has been practicing holistic modalities since 2020 as an EMDR Certified Practitioner. Andie continues to receive supervision from a Master Level Practitioner and pursue training in additional modalities. When Andie decided to go into the counseling field, she soon realized she wanted to add holistic modalities to her toolbox. Andie continued attaining certifications and has added  Reiki 1 and 2 to her repertoire.  Prior to getting certified in Reiki she received advanced practitioner training in Quantum Alignment, which uses numerous holistic methods to bring long-lasting mental and physical wellness to the client.  Andie amplifies her skills as a holistic practitioner through her incredible intuition. She is a Certified Intuitive Guidance Coach and uses her intuition and a holistic technique she has learned in her training called “Muscle Testing”. With both her intuition and muscle testing, Andie is able to decide on the best course of holistic treatment individualized for each client.  Additionally, she is a retired law enforcement officer and understands that talk therapy can be anxiety-inducing for first responders.  Andie has been a professional trainer for more than 10 years and coming onboard as a Trainer for Shifting Perspectives Training Institute is expanding her training knowledge to cover holistic topics. She feels and has witnessed holistic therapy as allowing the client’s body to heal and the mind to relax.  Many clients describe holistic therapy as a massage for their brain, and the most calming treatment they have experienced.  Andie loves being a part of facilitating these experiences for her clients.


Andie Taylor, LMHC

Shifting Perspectives, LLC

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